Our mission is to help you increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer experience through conversational AI.
That’s why we’re offering a free voice strategy assessment to show you how to use conversational AI in the right way.

You’ll get your voice strategy readiness score, as well as some deep insights and tips on how you can level-up.

What We Do

We help you increase revenue and save costs using voice and conversational technologies..

We find you ROI in conversational AI.

We’ve opened new revenue streams for restaurants on Amazon Alexa.

We’ve improved customer experience for global brands on Google Assistant.

We’ve increased average order value for retailers online.

We’ve scaled customer support in government contact centres.

And we’ll help you discover how voice and conversational AI can get results for you.

How we do it

Conversational AI strategy.

We create strategies that deliver maximum value to your customers and your organisation. We’ll help you figure out what to do, what’s possible and how to go about it.

Find out how your conversational AI strategy is working. Take our free voice strategy assessment.


44% of people say they’ll shop with voice services within 3 years.

We’ll help you sell more by extending your products into new conversational AI channels and increase conversion rates of existing channels.


Most customer service teams are overwhelmed with inbound contact.

We help you scale customer service and support, increase self-service and prevent contact centre calls from being made in the first place.


Your customers care about the outcome you provide and the experience they have in getting there.

We help you collapse user journeys across all channels with conversational AI and get people to their goals quicker and easier than tapping and swiping.

Ready to see what conversational AI can do for you?
Who We Are

We’re the conversational AI expert’s experts.

Kane Simms and Dustin Coates are two of the voice and conversational AI industries leading minds. They’re the people who the cream of the crop in the industry turn to for advice, guidance and best practice.

They’ve educated over 70,000 designers, developers and strategists on how to create compelling conversational strategies and experiences. The world’s leading agencies, such as Ogilvy and Havas, and the voice-specific specialists, bring us in to enable them to execute world-leading voice initiatives for clients.

Kane is one of the world’s premier voice strategists who’s worked with top brands on conversational AI initiatives. He’s also a VUX designer who’s trained hundreds of students on how to design conversational user interfaces. He’s a speaker, host, a Harvard Business Review-published thought-leader and one of the industries most well-known personalities.

Dustin is an elite engineer. One of two people in the world to hold all three honours of Google Developer Expert, Amazon Alexa Champion and Samsung Bixby Premier Developer

He’s the author of Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant, the only book that teaches software engineers how to build voice applications, and has extensive experience of building voice search solutions.

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We work with and for some of the best start ups and agencies in world of Voice.

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